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X-LIMS is a complete web-browser based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution.

  • Easy Implementation
  • Excellent Value
  • Engineered Flexibility
  • Efficient Configuration

Ethosoft’s X-LIMS implementation process is unique in the Laboratory Information Management Software industry. We introduce our clients to the use, methods, and features of X-LIMS early in the implementation cycle and work closely with them to develop a complete, configured system well before installation. Using this approach, Ethosoft has achieved one of the highest successful implementation rates in the industry.


X-LIMS is the strongest foundation for laboratory data management.

X-LIMS has raised the bar in Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). Developed by Ethosoft, Inc., X-LIMS is a user-friendly, web-browser based LIMS application that is built with native Microsoft® (MS) .NET and XML technologies. By harnessing standard MS technology, X-LIMS can integrate with existing laboratory technology and leverage those systems to reduce implementation time and maximize return on investment.

X-LIMS is a powerful LIMS application that contains many features not routinely found in competing products. Configurable workflows, template-driven data entry, advanced MS Excel® integration, and superior auditing capabilities are just a small part of the X-LIMS experience. The system delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability and is designed to grow with your laboratory.


X-LIMS eliminates the “clunkiness” and “screen repaints” of traditional web-based applications because it is built from the ground up using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) technology. Your staff will not have to wait for screens to redraw as data is saved or as they navigate to data that has already been viewed. X-LIMS is truly unique in that it offers the performanceof a client-server application with all the benefits of a browser-based system.


No two laboratories have the same workflow. At Ethosoft, we understand that each laboratory has developed their own interdependent system for projects, sample groups, samples and testing to meet the regulatory and business needs of their organization. X-LIMS is designed to handle the complex nature of laboratory workflows with an innovative workflow engine allowing the laboratory mimic its workflows within X-LIMS.


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