Welcome to X-LIMS — Ethosoft’s premier product.

X-LIMS is a web-browser based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Web-browser based applications have been on the market for several years now, although there has been consistent reluctance by many to accept them in any capacity beyond basic information gathering from the World Wide Web. The reasons for this have been quite simple and to summarize them: The user experience has been less than ideal.

In comparison with traditional client server based LIMS – web-browser based LIMS simply couldn’t match their speed, functionality, and rich interfaces.


With X-LIMS, all of the old browser based deficiencies have been turned into the reasons to see X-LIMS in action. Users can now experience secure, fast, and rich interfaces while your IT staff enjoy all of the benefits of an easy to deploy and support X-LIMS web-browser based LIMS.

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