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X-LIMS marks the spot for excellent values, easy implementation, engineered flexibility, and efficient configuration.

A Tailored Fit Without Customization

X-LIMS was not built for one unique customer and then taken to market assuming all other laboratories with similar testing regimes would fit.  This approach has been used by competitors and has yielded limited success. 

Instead, X-LIMS was designed to have the features and tools available if needed in order to allow it to be configured to a laboratory’s needs without requiring costly customizations.  Eliminating customizations means the system is more flexible and offers the customer the ability to change the system at any point in the future should the need arise. 

This means your lab will have a LIMS that will grow and adapt to changing requirements — not the other way around. The upgrade path is clear and simple. 

Industry-Leading Functionality

Innovative Workflow Engine

No two laboratories have the same workflow. At Ethosoft, we understand that each laboratory has developed their own interdependent system for projects, sample groups, samples and testing to meet the regulatory and business needs of their organization. X-LIMS is designed to handle the complex nature of laboratory workflows with an innovative workflow engine allowing the laboratory mimic its workflows within X-LIMS.


The X-LIMS Dashboard is a user configurable interactive dashboard that allows a user to select and view the content most important to their particular responsibilities within a laboratory. Users can define what data is to be displayed using user-friendly X-LIMS data views. Once the data view is selected, the user merely sets how the data should be displayed in the dashboard, either in grid, graph, or search format. Data displayed on the dashboard is interactive, allowing the user to click on the relevant data and drill into the details.

The flexible and configurable nature of the X-LIMS Dashboard can allow an analyst to visually track his or her workload, while at the same time allowing management to view their key performance Indicators (KPIs) for the laboratory.


Quite often, laboratory staff need the ability to enter LIMS data in an off-line mode when no network is available. One such possibility is field sample data collection in a remote location that has no network coverage. The X-LIMS MobileXChange feature was made for such a scenario. X-LIMS MobileXChange allows customers the ability to collect data in a remote location (whether in network range or not) via fillable forms on a mobile device such as a tablet, laptop or phone, and have it uploaded to the X-LIMS server for seamless data capture. The form data is loaded into X-LIMS and the original form is retained and linked to the submitted data for traceability.

By using MobileXChange, X-LIMS customers increase their productivity and efficiency, reduce the need for paper documentation, and also eliminate transcription errors due to human re-entry or legibility issues.


Given its powerful calculation engine and ease of use, it is no wonder that MS Excel® is used in almost every laboratory. While Excel spreadsheets are used to perform any number calculations, from simple to complex, it is not scalable in a network environment because spreadsheet files cannot be edited by multiple users at the same time. X-LIMS technology integrates with Excel rather than trying to replace it, offering you a tremendous benefit: Retention of your existing custom-developed spreadsheets. The X-LIMS Excelerator™ engine allows laboratories to specify (1) what data may be loaded from X-LIMS into your spreadsheets and (2) what data may be retrieved from spreadsheets to be loaded back into X-LIMS.

The flexible and configurable nature of the X-LIMS Dashboard can allow an analyst to visually track his or her workload, while at the same time allowing management to view their key performance Indicators (KPIs) for the laboratory.


X-LIMS takes auditing to the next level with its AuditAnywhere engine. This innovation allows laboratories to choose specifically what fields to audit, anywhere in the X-LIMS application. X-LIMS puts this audit control in your hands by providing an interface where the flexible audit settings are maintained and can be changed at any time by an administrator. XLIMS does not force an Audit Trail – YOU have the option to enable its power and to what degree. AuditAnywhere allows laboratories to stay compliant with the often complex and ever changing auditing requirements that are necessary for regulatory and certification agencies.

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