Product Information

Why the name ‘X-LIMS’? Because with one letter we are able to describe our product: In mathematical equations – ‘X’ is the means to a solving a problem or equation and ‘X’ best describes our solution to the laboratory and IT integration equation. That letter ‘X’ in the name references the technologies that serve as the foundation of our LIMS. These technologies are:

– XML – Extensible Markup Language. Simply a common data transfer format that was originally designed for web documents. It allows the LIMS to efficiently define, transfer, and accept information within itself as well as to and from other applications. The XML format is quickly becoming the standard by which data can be transferred and transformed between dissimilar applications.

– EXCEL – X-LIMS provides a seamless integration with Microsoft, Inc.’s office application. Microsoft’s Excel has, for years, been the defacto tool for laboratories to manage data requiring, and resulting from, calculations of varying complexity. We didn’t see the need to re-invent the wheel. If you are a lab professional – you should be nodding your head in agreement about now.

– AJAX – Asynchronous Java And XML. Quite a term, but in reality it’s the logical evolution of web-browser based applications. AJAX is simply the integration of the existing scripting languages used on web pages and the data that the web page is displaying (or using). The actual interaction between these two entities (script language and data) is in an asynchronous relationship. The result? The richest and easiest to use web pages that exist today, period!

So X-LIMS it is!

Please continue to the ‘X-LIMS Features and Examples’ menu item for some examples of the layout and features that X-LIMS offers its users.